14 July 2009

How I Spent the Summer

Click here to see a photograph and article about my usual day at General Convention.


The article describes the work of Committee 13 and it also links to the resolution that we are finally proposing. It was hard work, but I enjoyed the way that the bishops and the deputies worked gracefully and elegantly together.

Here is the statement I released:

“As we report C056 out of our cognate committee, I give thanks that our committee has worked with such grace and elegance. We tried to be sensitive to every voice on this matter, and we realize that the issue of same gender blessings has been contentious in the past. I have actually had great fun! Both the bishops and the deputies in the room shared the same goal, to produce a resolution that has a reasonable probability of being passed by both houses. It has not been easy, but we believe we have something that can achieve that goal. God gave us the grace to be of remarkably common mind. I am quite optimistic.”

Grace and peace to you!

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